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Akash Raut Akash Raut wrote on 11 March, 2017:
Jay sevalal.. mai banjara samaj se nahi hu, lekin mujhe gormati samaj sanskriti ka abhiman hai..
Jadhav Ravi Jadhav Ravi wrote on 24 February, 2017:
Ram Ram samaaj, It is immersive pleasure to subscribe / join in our community. Ravi Jadhav
Yogesh Tanwar Yogesh Tanwar wrote on 22 February, 2017:
shbhi gor banjara samajer bhai logun mar Ram Ram koi bhi shahyta chav ch to man call karo ma tamar sath chu. Ram Ram mo. No. 9425321227
RameshRathod RameshRathod wrote on 4 February, 2017:
mere goar bhai ooo sen ramram sevabhyare sen ashirvad ani jagadamba mathar ashirvad
रमेश पाल सिंह कुर्रा अधिवक्ता रमेश पाल सिंह कुर्रा अधिवक्ता wrote on 29 January, 2017:
आपकी महनत को धन्यवाद अदा करता हूँ
Surendernaik Surendernaik wrote on 16 January, 2017:
Jai Sevalal maharaj ki... Ram Ram Gore Banjara's
krishnaprasad lakavath krishnaprasad lakavath wrote on 14 December, 2016:
Hello everyone Hoping that you all are doing great! I'm lakavath krishnaprasad from Khammam Telangana I have an idea 💡 we have a great meeting to make more communication among us and making more relationships and respecting ourselves and our culture If with the help of all the professional and great heads running this page we can do this on any one of the our festival occasion Great job for the website holders Thank everyone Hope you see you soon
Ravindra Pawar Ravindra Pawar wrote on 9 December, 2016:
Hi. Banjara brothers, I am Ravindra Pawar. Really friends this is a solid app for society become a developers.
Uttam Banjara Uttam Banjara wrote on 8 December, 2016:
The Gawaria are community are a sub-group within the larger Banjara community of India origin of gawaria caste is desert of rajasthan district nagaur,jodhpur,ajmer,barmer jaishalmer. According to their own traditions, the community is descended from three brothers, Tapasvi Singh, Lakhi Singh and Bhumi Singh. These brothers lost their land, and took to peddling goods and services. The Gawaria were a nomadic community, travelling throughout North India selling their wares. With the building of the railways in the 19th Century, the Gawaria had to abandon their traditional occupation. The community is now settled on the outskirts of villages and towns involved in wage labour, petty trade and the scrap business. They are distributed all over North India, in particular in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. They speak the Marwari language, although most also understand Hindi.[1] The Gawaria are divided into two sub-groups, the Rajput Gawaria and the Dharamput Gawaria. In their system of social hierarchy, the Rajput group is considered superior. These two sub-groups are endogamous, and there is no intermarriage.[citation needed] The Gawaria are further divided into clans, known as gotras. Each gotra claims descent from a common ancestor, and marriages are strictly forbidden.[citation needed] Their main clans are the Meghawat, Bindrawat, Kurra, Athvia, Jharabala and Dhamsod, nimawat,kanawat , binjrawat, dharmshout,lawdiya, bartiya,bhukiya, goramba,kelut, muchaal, barnot, munawat, gelana, mood.[citation needed]the rajasthan gawaria also group of gor banjara rajasthan.they lokdevta baba ramdev peer in ramevra. DHRAMSALA GORBANJRA SAMJ RAM DEVRA. PUSKAR radehe krishna all organized to nokuti marwar gor banjara samaj all india.......gawaria community........
Akash Rathod Akash Rathod wrote on 7 December, 2016:
Jai Sewalal
Tribhuvan singh Rathor Tribhuvan singh Rathor wrote on 20 November, 2016:
Hello, I'm jagot rathod "Banjara" from uttarakhand and i have seen a best place to contact, meet our own banjara bhai which is the best part. here in uttarakhand or u.p so many of villages where many of banjara's family surviving from a long time but they never organised or they never trend to be one to raise themself out of their villages. but it's an amazing way to get connected with all. Thank you very much.
Dhanraj Rathod Dhanraj Rathod wrote on 14 November, 2016:
This is Dhanraj Rathod from Colaba Mumbai this is very good idia to share knowledge & conect our smaj Best of luck
lakhan rathod lakhan rathod wrote on 14 November, 2016:
जय सेवालाल भीया म दाड़ी गोर बंजारा न्यूज़ वाचोचु आपणे समाजेवासु आछो छ
murali rathod murali rathod wrote on 6 November, 2016:
raam raam
Nagesh Dharavath Nagesh Dharavath wrote on 27 September, 2016:
Maar gor Banjara samajena maar RAM RAM and apne gor culture , Vathe ,Geeth,Bhasha ,Dress,Pandagalena ,apne future gor samajena Bhadranga andhinchena prathi Gor available metirial save karthani gift ga deno kan mar Asha.
Ram ram, maro goar banjara bhai, bhehno.
ashok rathod ashok rathod wrote on 14 September, 2016:
Jai sevalal
avinash rathod avinash rathod wrote on 25 August, 2016:
Jay sevalal. It's wonderful. Really thanks
jeevan pawar jeevan pawar wrote on 21 August, 2016:
RAAMRAAM...... this is zee-1 pawar. this website very useful to future generation of GOR BANJARA.
jeevan pawar islavath jeevan pawar islavath wrote on 17 August, 2016:
it is very useful to who don't know GOR BANJARA'S history........ maar gor bhai ko RAAMRAAM